About Us


Welcome to Little Land!

We are so glad to have you here! Little Land is a mama-owned business and I want to support and cheer you on in your parenting journey!
I’m Fer, mommy to my wonderful son Noah and new mommy to baby girl Lucy, I am also wife to my awesome husband Steven.
I started Little Land so I could provide parents with a wonderful, curated shopping experience that makes life easy and enjoyable! I spend most of my time multitasking 24/7 between a full time job, a son, a husband and Little Land!

Our Mission

I am a busy mama... just like you!!! My passion and commitment for bringing unique, modern and functional pieces is just as strong as my passion for you all to enjoy them. They are each specifically designed to make the lives of you and your little ones easier. 
You can contact us by emailing hello@shoplittleland.com or by leaving a message below.
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